Behind the lens

    Hannes Niederkofler

“The average gives the world its consistency,

the exceptional its value.” Oscar Wilde


Working as a marketing manager for over 5 years I realized how important the expressiveness of a single picture can be. Thus, working as a shutterbug I always tried to focus on the moment and to capture it in an authentic and pure way.


As a photography student at the Tiroler Fachsberufschule für Fotografie, Optik und Hörakkustik in Hall in Tirol/ Austria I learned how to present a product/brand/ company in an emotional way and how to emphasize its strengths and USP’s. When photographing people I try to capture their inner and external beauty also by using extraordinary lightning elements and professional photo editing techniques.


Today I’m working as a freelance photographer. I’m specialized in tourism and commercial photography but at the same I’m a passionate people photographer.